The real homemade ice cream in Lecco

In 2001 we turned our passion for ice cream in a job, combining tradition and innovation. Our ice creams and our Sicilian granites are made with quality raw materials. In 2012 we showed up with a new look, as always offering an ice cream from the end of the world!

What we do

Our recipes

Our ice creams are simple and genuine: we only use selected raw materials by testing their quality.

For the custards we use milk, cream, sugar, eggs. Fruit ice creams do not contain milk or derivatives. Even those who are allergic to dairy products will be happy with our ice cream!

Our products

Everything we produce is made with care and attention. Our recipes are the result of study and passion for this wonderful food, ice cream!

Home delivery

Don't you want to go out or are you in the office and can not give yourself a break?

Find us on and get our ice cream right wherever you want!

Cosa ordino


Ice cream

The classics of the tradition and the new ones of innovation. We follow the seasons, from time to time came to see ...



Just fruit, water, sugar and ... coffee, pistachio, almond, chocolate and why not ... the cream!


Milk and ... the ice cream you love!



Straight from Catania: with granita or... try ice cream!


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